As technology changes, so do the user's habits and changing habits of users, so does web design. Curious web design trends that we will see in 2015? We see responsive design is essential to a modern network. Interactive and cool navigation and rich media content. Read on to see what you want to watch this year.

Scalable Vector Graphics Delight

SVG has become a buzzword in 2014. It's no wonder because the vector format, your assets look crisp, well adapted to any screen size. In addition, SVG animation elements can be beautiful to make your site feel alive. I'm sure we will see this movie coming year.

Responsive Web Design

Many sites have been adapted for tablet PCs and smart phone users. In 2015 responsive web design will ensure that continues to expand. With increasing use of smart watches and TV, it is very important to provide all available channels in a seamless experience.

Rich and Dynamic Background

We've seen a lot of the background image for some time but In 2015, designers kicked up a notch. With growing number of 3D movies, users will also be at the forefront with 3D design expectations. An important part of learning is how to balance the complexity of three-dimensional graphics that will play in the development of web design. You can also expect to see a lot of sites with totally high-definition video in the background.

Interactive than Ever

As Web technologies continue to develop, interactive Web pages are becoming more and more common. Interactive is a great way to enhance your website user experience. Creating pleasant and memorable experience for visitors who has emotional involved in your brand and their significant impact on time spent browsing your website content.

Bigger, Bolder, Better

Typography greatly affect the overall appearance and availability of the site. It also provides a means of brand information. In 2015, we will see more of the font bold and providing a better reading experience.

CSS Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are designed to attract the user's attention in a few subtle ways, stylish interface features. As smart hover animation it is a pleasure to use and adds an elegant touch to any website. The biggest benefit they bring to the table is that they’re very good at engaging visitors’ attention and have a very high ‘call to action’ response.

They’re very good at attracting and directing attention towards the areas you want your visitors to concentrate on; they’re generic seeing as they fit a wide variety of designs and they’re pretty unique, giving designers and developers a competitive edge on the market.

Scroll In and clicking Outns

In the past few years with increased use of mobile devices to surf the web users are accustomed to scrolling. In fact, many people would say, rolling has won click. This change is the reason for an online audience wants to get all you have to provide the correct preview of the first page. That is why, In 2015 the home page takes longer to get to create dynamic, interactive websites and between the audience.