benefits of invesment in seo

Search engine optimization(SEO) is a marketing term often misunderstood, even ignored by small business world. Simple definition, SEO force search engine to index your site, so that you appear in search engine results page mode (SERP's). This is a method of network marketing, should be implemented with all types of businesses to the overall marketing strategy. The main aspects of search engine optimization is content marketing includes providing appropriate and interesting information to your current and potential customers. Sounds good, right? It also does not have any type of network or voodoo magic mystery. 

Search engine optimization can be done by following important rules and principles:

Search Engine Optimization - 

Can Help You to Achieve a Higher Rank in the Search Engines.

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is the beginning of any online brand is very important. SEO will help you locate the key points of your website which normal people are looking for your products and services.

I read a good article once that they want your website as a layered cake. SEO is a layer cake filled together. Cake layer consists of the following components:

  • Your first layer is content
  • Information architecture
  • The platform / CMS (such as WordPress, Drupal, HTML5 etc.)
  • Infrastructure

Links and search engine marketing (SEM) by using Adwords and PPC could serve as icing on the cake! Nobody wants to eat cake with no ice.

Cost-effective Marketing and Traceable ROI -

Small companies sometimes run on a small budget. Market are often marginalized because it is difficult to track ROI. However optimization campaign, social media channels, or e-mail marketing through Google Adwords, it is more than ever easy to track leads, conversion (purchase) and return on investment. The best thing is that you only pay when it works. You pay if someone clicks on your online advertising, boosted or promoted tweet.

If you have a good relevant landing page then they click or likely to stay on the page and browse, or may even make a phone call, bookmark your site or make a purchase of advertising.

SEO has proven to be better and more easily measure ROI and print advertising than traditional marketing. Other important feature is the call-tracking, you can add it to your website. This can help you track when someone called your business for enquiry. Make sure that yourGoogle Analytics to track your website, which plays important role to measure your return on investment.

Brand, Reputation and Credibility -

Search engines are more to favor brands when ranking pages on search results. Brand increases your site’s chances of getting higher search rankings for competitive keywords, which leads to more targeted traffic that are looking and searching in need of your business. With multiple ad groups and keywords, AdWords campaign will help your site appear in the search as much as possible. Having a good ad position will make your website appear in the top or right side of the search page. These positions are more likely to click.

Seo provides you proven elements such as back linking, links to other site, error free website and good page navigation that influence the credibility of your website.